Electrical Safety Isn't Just A One Month Focus

May is National Safety Month, but here at Hannan Supply we know that every month, every day, every minute requires a focus on safety. That’s why we continue to provide products that are specifically created to decrease the risk surrounding each job you perform.

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Fluke puts a special emphasis on National Safety Month. Here are a few of their tips for ensuring your work environment remains a safe zone.


When it comes to testing electricity, DO NOT:

1. Replace the original fuse with a cheaper one.

2. Use the wrong test tool for the job. You want to ensure your tool holds the correct CAT rating for the job you’re working on at the time.

3. Neglect putting on PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). It may take an extra step, but it’s there to protect you from the dangerous environment you’re in.

4. Fail to follow lockout/tagout procedures. Learn more from OSHA.

5. Neglect test leads. It’s a critical component of DMM safety.

Read Fluke’s full safety checklist here!

Make Every Day Safer